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What's this Mouthpiece

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Hi, I just found an old mpc in my band's storage room.

It's a wood mpc, made in France, but I can't really read the name on it.

It appears to say Relandouz, with the R worked and the leg from the Z passing under the entire name. It also says France beneath it.

Google doens´t recognize the name, it has no matches.

Can you tell something about it? I can upload photos, but I can't take a good clean shot of the name so you can read it.

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Lelandais was one of the most prolific European makers and produced many " stencils" under many brands among many SML and Malerne
it looks like a pretty standard Lelandais mouthpiece, if you say it is made of wood it is so but form the pictures there in no real telling (yes, I see something but could be dirt) be careful with cleaning the mouthpiece if it is a wooden one because water (no hot water!) can easily warp it so after cleaning wipe dry and put oil on it to protect it ( if you go to a shop the can give you oil for a clarinet ). They are nice mouthpieces, on the side of the shank there is probably a R3 or R5 stamped (or carved?)
if it plays ok leave as is but my guess is that it would be a good idea to have it looked at by a refacer who does wooden pieces because it is highly unlikely that a wooden piece is perfectly straight.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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