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what's the deal with nickel mouthpieces?

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when i took up playing tenor tenor a couple of years ago i impulsively snagged a Link Millenium off the web. i never cracked open the box and it sits buried in the closet. that's because i noticed a number of warnings on-line against oral-nickel contact, probably most convincingly from the EU.

i probably would have broken down eventually to try the thing anyway, if i hadn't noticed that Peter Ponzol made the move away from even gold plated nickel to "safer" metal pieces. (admittedly, the price of gold does seem like a potential factor.) and various other manufacturers do brag about their non-metal pieces being more in line with current health provisos.

so i'm interested in the collective wisdom of much more experienced players as to whether such caution is warranted or ridiculous. (Can you hear me Dr. G?) Thanks.
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yeah, it's not like i've ever had a specific allergy to nickel. and i sure got a hankering for trying out a decent STM on my aging horn. but my mouth does tend to get sore easily. and i'm kind of hoping (rationalizing?) that my Ponzol ML already covers the metal Otto experience.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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