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Whats a pop test?

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Ok I'll be the 1 who asks the stupid question. i've heard/read the term many times here but don't know what it means. so how do you do a pop test and what does it actually tell you if anything. does everyone agree that it is a useful test or do some think its a bit pointless. I have been given an otto link super tone master and love the sound of it but i squeak more than i did on my old mpc. will a pop test tell me if it needs to be refaced or do i just need to get used to it.
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You put one hand over the end of the m/p and suck at the reed end. The reed will adhere to the tip and rails of the m/p before "popping" off. It's a nice way to straighten a warped reed but i can't believe it's reliable for telling you if a m/p needs refacing etc. Reeds are flexible - that's the whole point of them, so it would adhere even if there were some irregularities, i think. If the m/p was so warped that you couldn't do a "pop test" then i reckon you'd be able to see it with the naked eye or with a straight edge held against the rails/table.
A pop test is to test the seal between the mpc and the reed.
Place your reed as usual and then close off the opening (shank) with your hand, then suck out all the air in the mpc.
If there is a good seal, the reed should take several seconds to pop out.
I use it mainly as a test for my reeds, to check if the table has warped.
It's also used to check the condition of the mpc table and rails....but that's a point of contention. Check out post #24.
"What's a pop test?"

Something you should forget ever hearing about. Best way I've ever known to test a mouthpiece is to play the darn thing.
I have several mpcs and I have noticed that those who pass this test are more reed friendly. I am not sure though that it's only an mouthpiece issue or a combination of the facing length and the condition of the reed, since a couple of high quality mpcs (Morgan, Tenney slant) do not always perform well on this test. I also would appreciate any expert's opinion on this matter!!
Thank you,
ok thaks guys so how long should it take to pop after you've stopped sucking. mine takes about one to one and a half seconds. is this ok a pass or a fail.
What's a pop test?

I thought it was what irate women use when trying to get child support. :twisted:
When your Lit professor gives you a surprise test on that chapter of The Iliad you didn't read last night.
Rowka said:
When your Lit professor gives you a surprise test on that chapter of The Iliad you didn't read last night.
No, that's an UN-pop test! :D
Hey Gary, I hear many musicians choose to ignore those type of pop tests also.
Regarding the validity of such as test...

I'd like to bring to your attention a sustained typographical error - you have all spelled the word with one too few "o"s.
it depends on whether you are talking about saxes,popcorn or balloons or something else.
Ah, so I have inadvertently stumbled into the popcorn or balloons or something else forum. :shock:

it's an impotant topic that i feel needs to be discussed.
I thought it was to determine if one prefers Coke or Pepsi.
- .. ehhhh :? you could count the fast notes, diminished chords, chord shift osv, to find if it´s a pop-tune/pop-solo

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selmer said:
coke definitely
Yup, Pepsi does weird things to my deviated septum.
martysax said:
Yup, Pepsi does weird things to my deviated septum.
Lots of spelling miscues today - first "pop", now "deviated".

Marty, it's spelled D-E-V-I-A-N-T.
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