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What would be your "Reference"?

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Okay, another thread or two got me to thinking. Whose horn and setup would I like to have "referenced" (preferrably copied). Any make, any model.

I'd love to have a copy of Coltrane's SBA and maybe a copy of the setup (mouthpiece) from "Sunship".

Other contenders:

Dexter's Conn and Dukoff combo from Blue Note era ("A Swingin' Affair" comes to mind).

Johnny Griffin's Super 20 and Link from Monk's "Thelonious in Action".

Cannonball's Super 20 and setup from Kind of Blue.

Hawk's horn from "The Hawk Flies High".

Oh, there's plenty more. Daring to dream.

Anyone else?
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Amen to Coltane and Cannonball horns and setups - two of the most motivational sounds in my acoustic memory.
Ben Webster's "Betsy".
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