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What would be a solid setup to do a REMOTE sax-with-backing-tracks gig?

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Hi folks,

I've done gigs beyond count live with my pair of QSC CP12s or pair of K12s and backing tracks on iPod, with a microphone as needed.

However, I've been approached to provide REMOTE entertainment due to COVID-19.

I'm wondering if I'm better off just using my zoom H6 setup for it's USB functionality, and use that as my laptop's (USB-based) microphone, and just play the backing tracks behind me or next to the microphone as ambient sound, so i don't have to wear headphones....

... or, would it sound cleaner somehow if the H6 could take in the backing tracks as a line in and be blended somehow, where I'd have to use headphones of the live mix as it was happening?

What have others done to send out a remote sax-with-tracks sound with video for these kinds of things?

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I would use a separate playback device for the backing tracks, a second computer or iPad with the backing tracks pre loaded.

The use a small 4-channel mixer with the backing tracks and the saxophone and vocal mics routed through it so you don't have to worry about latency coming through the broadcasting software (Zoom, Skype, OBS, Facebook/ Youtube Live, etc...). The output of the mixer connects directly to the audio interface for the broadcast software computer.

And I would strongly urge you to use a real camera for the webcam rather than a built in camera on a laptop or a webcam. Canon and Nikon both make webcam utilities for their DSLR and mirrorless cameras that work very well. You connect the camera to the computer through the USB interface and you don't have to worry about using a separate capture card.
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