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Sue991 said:
Dear all

This is my first post as I am new to the playing the saxophone.

What I'd like to know is what should I look for in a teacher? I have one but I'm not sure about the methods used. The teacher is a bit hap-hazard and I feel I am not being taught in a logical way. I have a very limited ability to read music (only between the lines!) and after my 4th lesson I've been told to play a track that I like and try to play along with it. I've not got to grips with scales yet - shouldn't I be learning those first? I don't want to pay out a lot of money just to find that I'm not really progressing under his tutoring.

Any advice would be appreciated! :)
Hi. What to look for? Progress?Enjoyment? That nice warm fuzzy feeling? I agree with the comments above and especially with those that say that teaching/learning is a two way street. If you feel "playing along" is too hard and you'd like to learn some scales, just expain that to your teacher. A good teacher won't take it as an insult if you just say (nicely!). "I'm finding this a bit 'in at the deep end'!" It does sound a bit to me like you and your teacher could perhaps discuss things a little more so he's aware of your goals and you're aware of his methodology. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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