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Come with questions and discoveries...provide your teacher with opportunities to teach. I definitely teach best to my students that show interest. Sure, a teacher should help to generate interest, but the student needs to demonstrate a desire to learn. Try your very best to follow your teacher's suggestions, if after a few months, this isn't making you better, then look for a new teacher. On the scales issue, this largely depends on what style you are trying to learn. In classical, they are important, but I wouldn't call them the starting point. If you're trying to learn jazz though, starting with scales seems very logical. On the point of them being boring; I understand your frustration. Try to make them fun though. Speed, intervals, rhythmic patterns...anything to mix it up. I used to hate scales, but now, if I have only 30 minutes to practice...I'm running scales. Ask your teacher how to make scales fun.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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