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What the **** is going on with my recording setup?

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Ok, so, just the other day I recorded something and went to play it back; and realized it was sharp! The thing that was played back came back over 30 cents sharp! This happened both in Audition and on basic Sound Recorder. I restarted and all that happy jazz, ran some defrag and anti-virus stuff on my fairly new Dell laptop to make sure nothing was clogging it up. But to no avail, I can't get it to go away.

I've provided a recording so you can hear what I'm talking about. I think, when I played along on my keyboard, the track is about 40 cents sharp! It's a little rendition of "Bolero" via classical alto sax. I think it sounds pretty good, too bad it's friggin sharp, lol.

If anyone out there might have an idea as to what is causing this...let me know, please! Thanks!
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Toobz said:
Sample rate issues would not create speed problems on playback.

Digital code is 16 bit 000's and 111's. (0011010110010111) it either IS
read properly or not at all. If speed was a problem during playback,
IT HAS to be on the analog side. This is not up for argument. There is
no such thing as FAST or FASTER 000's & 111"s (0011010110010111).
Once the digital code is converted to analog, that is where the speed
problem can manifest itself, and ONLY then .
What if you are converting 24 recording bit to 16 bit?

Sounds to me like there's some kind of signal processing math going on with this though...
JCBigler said:
If you are loading a 24-bit recording into a 16-bit session, the DAW will drop the last eight bits of the source code.
That's what I figured.

JCBigler said:
I stand by my original diagnosis: that it's a user error somewhere, and not a sample rate issue. But, since the OP hasn't responded in several days, we can only assume that he figured out what he did wrong and doesn't want to fess up to being a n00b...
Yeah, that's sort of what I meant by signal processing...something in the code that says 'add thirty cents to the whole thing'.
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