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1935 Conn Transitional alto, 1942 Conn 6M viii, 1945 Buescher Big B alto,
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Plus the Beaugnier Tenor

asuming all in good shape, no serious/significant body dents or dings, relatively clean, playing up and down

Comm 3 Alto = $1500
Holton Collegiate Tenor = $600
Beaugnier Vito Tenor = $850
Couf Superba 2 Tenor = $1850
Total market values = $4800usd

Every one of these horns is a good, solid example of a vintage sax. The Collegiate is the low card in the deck - it is a second-shelfer, so, while quite respectable and along the lines of a Conn Director or King isn't particularly special or sought after.

Is that total around the current market value of your era of VI ?

If not close, it is others have gleaned, not a good deal.

In which case...the way you communicate to the offerer "no thanks".... is up to you, of course
Very concise response, maestro Jaye. Thank you for the prices, that was a nice extra and really puts things in perspective. I do appreciate everyone's opinion. Yeah it's not a good deal, but I also wanted to learn a bit more about the horn(s) I haven't seen before. It's always good to learn something new.

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I find it interesting that these Beaugnier horns (Vito, LeBlanc, varoius others) do not have a higher value than other instruments which to my mind are inferior. Just goes to show what a difference there is between perceived value and intrinsic value.
So true, I couldn't agree more. I have found with my repertoire of instruments, without having to break the bank, I have made do with lesser known and lesser "valued" instruments.

Several years ago, I bought a used in good condition Boosey and Hawkes Edgeware wood Bb clarinet for a couple hundred bucks. The convincer was the decent reviews here in SOW as a budget instrument for a saxophonist doubling on clarinet. It certainly plays better than my LeBlanc Vito plastic clarinet that I started out with in 1965. (Still have it, been overhauled 2 times. That Vito has a very sharp throat register.)

40 years ago, I played both Selmer and Buffet pro models. You'd think these would be the best, but the ones procured under government contract, especially the lot of Buffets we received, being new as beautiful as they were, were not that well tuned. :unsure:

What I find interesting about the B&H Edgeware is best stated in:

The Vintage Clarinet Doctor: Clarinet makers
Boosey&Hawkes - Formed in England the early 1930's from Boosey& Co. + Hawkes & Son. Makers of some lovely, underrated and underpriced instruments.
The Edgeware doesn't have the name, but who cares? :sneaky: The fact that I like the sound and how it feels to me is all that matters. ;)

It is the player that makes the instrument perform, and although the instrument helps, it is not the other way around. :geek:
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