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What Tenor is This?

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I can't figure out the mark or brand and the bell has absolutely no engraving ... horn not in my possession BTW. Has left-hand bell keys. NO rounded chimneys and an interesting nailfile style on the pinky cluster. Not exactly like, but similar to what Conn would have used in the 20/30s.
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Thanks everyone someone wants to trade me several horns for my Mark VI so I'm trying to assess value. This will help me get closer to that, thanks. Also someone asked for more pics. Here you go ...
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People's reactions here are, understandably, skeptical. many horns is this person offering ?

THIS Tenor, the Beaugnier-Vito, in play shape, is the OPPOSITE of a piece of junk. Very nice player.

But its market value if it plays up and down easily and has no significant around $800 tops, maybe $850.

So....there is your starting point for value....what else does the guy have to offer as far as horns and mouthpieces ?

Does the mouthpiece pictured come with it ?

If so, what kind of mouthpiece is it ?
1950s Martin Committee alto (not sure if ii or iii)
H. Couf Superba ii tenor (made by Keilwerth)
Holton Collegiate tenor
The Colliegiate is far from Holton's better offerings.
Everybody wants the Superba 1 - not the 2
Martin alto might be nice - don't trade your horn for those you've mentioned - like Milandro suggests - if you wanna' off-load the Selmer sell it.
Having a hard time selling it. It's a nice horn - I didn't expect the conversation to go in that route as I was originally looking to determine what horn I originaly posted was and go from there. Some folks seem to miss the fact I am not trading a 1961 Selmer Mark VI for a Beaugnier. But I appreciate y'all making me laugh.

Sure I'd be glad to post the Selmer up here. I'll start a new post, thanks first of all to those who responded with help. Much appreciated.
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Plus the Beaugnier Tenor

asuming all in good shape, no serious/significant body dents or dings, relatively clean, playing up and down

Comm 3 Alto = $1500
Holton Collegiate Tenor = $600
Beaugnier Vito Tenor = $850
Couf Superba 2 Tenor = $1850
Total market values = $4800usd

Every one of these horns is a good, solid example of a vintage sax. The Collegiate is the low card in the deck - it is a second-shelfer, so, while quite respectable and along the lines of a Conn Director or King isn't particularly special or sought after.

Is that total around the current market value of your era of VI ?

If not close, it is others have gleaned, not a good deal.

In which case...the way you communicate to the offerer "no thanks".... is up to you, of course
Very concise response, maestro Jaye. Thank you for the prices, that was a nice extra and really puts things in perspective. I do appreciate everyone's opinion. Yeah it's not a good deal, but I also wanted to learn a bit more about the horn(s) I haven't seen before. It's always good to learn something new.
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