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What system should I use ffor a gig in a tent?

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Allo guys,looking for suggestions about a sound system that will be neened in a gig comin up! I just learned that this gig that was suppose to be inside a building will be in a tent,,well for about 200 persons,so I just played in similar condition three weeks ago,and without being miked,it was desastress,and really bad experience!
Playing in a tent ,is like blowing a sax with a towel inside,no projection,no accoustic at all! There will be at least 200 persons inside that cocktail time,so even worst, the accoustic will be dead as can be!I want to rent a system so at least I wont kill myself blowing,and also will have a naturel sound,with at least a good natural sound result!
Any suggestion,what kind of system,mostly what speakers size would I need,,,not to be annoying,but at least to have a presence and good qualitee sound!My microphone is a simple Sure Beta 57,which is find!
This will be only as a duet,piano and saxe!The piano has a an amplifier!
Thanks for your comments!
All the best
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need at least 1 watt for each person so a 200 watt system should work. yamaha has several compact systems available. so does peavey. either would work.need stands for your speakers so the horn speakers are above most of the audiences heads and can carry the sound to the back.
you should patch the piano through the system as well so he can project to the back. the yamaha systems can be used as main/ monitor with the addition of a powered speaker for monitor with separate controls and reverb built in if needed comes through the mains and monitors.I use the 300 watt system for my big band, vocals , announcements and soloists and use the head and a speaker as my personal stage monitor/ mixer and send that out to the main head for the mains in my 5 pc band.very good sound for the buck. you can buy the smallest one, head, 2 speakers, speaker cords ( 300 watts) for about 550 bucks + the cost of a couple of speaker stands.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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