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What system should I use ffor a gig in a tent?

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Allo guys,looking for suggestions about a sound system that will be neened in a gig comin up! I just learned that this gig that was suppose to be inside a building will be in a tent,,well for about 200 persons,so I just played in similar condition three weeks ago,and without being miked,it was desastress,and really bad experience!
Playing in a tent ,is like blowing a sax with a towel inside,no projection,no accoustic at all! There will be at least 200 persons inside that cocktail time,so even worst, the accoustic will be dead as can be!I want to rent a system so at least I wont kill myself blowing,and also will have a naturel sound,with at least a good natural sound result!
Any suggestion,what kind of system,mostly what speakers size would I need,,,not to be annoying,but at least to have a presence and good qualitee sound!My microphone is a simple Sure Beta 57,which is find!
This will be only as a duet,piano and saxe!The piano has a an amplifier!
Thanks for your comments!
All the best
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I just did sound for a high school graduation (it's the school where I'm a teacher/administrator). It was in a tent, because the gymatorium where we usually have it was damaged in the October earthquake. There were easily over 500 people there, inside and outside the tent.

I managed to cover the entire area with two JBL eon speakers, and one small Eon for a stage monitor. I got lots of complements about how every word could be understood.

So, it can definitely be done simply.Just make sure the hf horns are above the heads of the crowd. As far as the deadness of the acoustic, you might consider a reverb unit, or a mixer with a reverb unit installed.

Good luck on your gig.
JCBigler said:
That's a bunch of bull sh*t.

Where did you ever hear such a stupid method of PA system design? By this same token, the current RHCP "dual stereo" V-DOSC line array should be able to cover a quarter million people. They usually only play to between 10,000 and 30,000 people.

PA systems should be judged by their frequency response, coverage patterns, and overall volume at particular a distance, and the acoustics of the room. For a 200 person gig, I would use a system comprised of single stacks per side (i.e. one hi/mid speaker cabinet, and a sub), and depending on the size and shape of the dance floor I might center cluster the subs, rather than have them on the sides.

I'm sure the Mackie SRM450 was a marked improvement over nothing, but I wouldn't use those speakers for anything much bigger than about 75 people. And, not that it matters, but if I was providing a PA for a 200 person tent gig, my system would probably be in the 4,000 to 6,000 watts range, not including stage monitoring.
...And I would go for a distributed system, but I didn't think the OP had the knowledge to get the proper delay between stacks. He's not playing a concert, he's background for a cocktail party (correct me if I'm wrong). We'd all like to do concerts, but I think the Mackie's will do the job adequately for this kind of thing.

BTW, I do agree that the formula of 1 watt/person is misguided.
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