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What system should I use ffor a gig in a tent?

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Allo guys,looking for suggestions about a sound system that will be neened in a gig comin up! I just learned that this gig that was suppose to be inside a building will be in a tent,,well for about 200 persons,so I just played in similar condition three weeks ago,and without being miked,it was desastress,and really bad experience!
Playing in a tent ,is like blowing a sax with a towel inside,no projection,no accoustic at all! There will be at least 200 persons inside that cocktail time,so even worst, the accoustic will be dead as can be!I want to rent a system so at least I wont kill myself blowing,and also will have a naturel sound,with at least a good natural sound result!
Any suggestion,what kind of system,mostly what speakers size would I need,,,not to be annoying,but at least to have a presence and good qualitee sound!My microphone is a simple Sure Beta 57,which is find!
This will be only as a duet,piano and saxe!The piano has a an amplifier!
Thanks for your comments!
All the best
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saxxsymbol said:
need at least 1 watt for each person...
That's a bunch of bull sh*t.

Where did you ever hear such a stupid method of PA system design? By this same token, the current RHCP "dual stereo" V-DOSC line array should be able to cover a quarter million people. They usually only play to between 10,000 and 30,000 people.

PA systems should be judged by their frequency response, coverage patterns, and overall volume at particular a distance, and the acoustics of the room. For a 200 person gig, I would use a system comprised of single stacks per side (i.e. one hi/mid speaker cabinet, and a sub), and depending on the size and shape of the dance floor I might center cluster the subs, rather than have them on the sides.

I'm sure the Mackie SRM450 was a marked improvement over nothing, but I wouldn't use those speakers for anything much bigger than about 75 people. And, not that it matters, but if I was providing a PA for a 200 person tent gig, my system would probably be in the 4,000 to 6,000 watts range, not including stage monitoring.
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