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Okay, its about 1963. All the music stores were pretty much at one intersection downtown. I left the Selmer dealer and crossed the street to a junkier store (that I would sorely love to go through today) and saw some new tenors. The thing that stood out was seeing the 'SML' letters, and I thought it was a Selmer copy of some kind. The horns were displayed in a glass counter so I was looking down on them, and as I remember I was looking at the neck octave key which has 'SML' instead of 'S' for Selmer. It seems to me that the shop guy was saying they were 'gold-plated' too.
Now, when I look at any the pictures of SMLs, none of them have the Selmer-style octave rocker with logo. Even if I am totally wrong about where the logo was, it definitely was in black/blue paint with raised brass, like the Selmer.
So, what did I see?
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