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I won an auction with some mouthpieces that I thought were for a tenor.
Man was I wrong.
Maybe they're for a bari, but wouldn't be surprised if they are for a bass!!
From top to bottom in the pic below:

Johnston-Selmer "New York" marked "Original"
  • 5.03" (127.8mm) length; 0.73" (18.7mm) neck bore.

Runyon Metal
  • 5.6” (142.2mm) long; neck bore of 0.69” (17.5mm).

Otto Link Super Tone Master
  • 4.97" (126.4mm) long; 0.68" (17.4mm) neck bore.

View attachment 46118

I also received a Vandoren V3 and Belmonte for the same size sax.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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