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what?!??!?!? SBA tenor

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check this out

forked e flat, g sharp trill, high f sharp?!?!?

i know selmer did put high f sharps on SBAs but the whole thing is just odd.

possibly later mods?
what do you think?
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well, he got this horn from...ME:)

I picked it up out of Europe a while back. And, the keywork -is- all original. Not commonly known that Selmer would do this kind of keywork on special request. Was a competetive thing, as the old 1920's Conn horns often had this keywork(altho not the F#; that was a later thing).

Decent horn, nice price for an SBA tenor with a new padjob.

I sold this as I've been disposing of all of my SBA altos & tenors I've owned over the years...(nope, no more for sale, so don't ask).

Btw, my dealings with the Eskimo have -all- been very legit and timely. Good guy to deal with.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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