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What reeds to use with a 0.077 opening? Tenor mpc

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I use a Rovner light ligature, but I'm considering getting a Rovner Mark III.

I bought a Brilhart Ebolin 4* to use in addition to my Hite Premiere mouthpiece, and I'm having trouble finding a good strength of reed and a brand of reed. For the Hite, I typically get by with Rico 2 1/2 - 3s or Vandoren 2 1/2s. But the Hite's facing is 0.095...

So, I tried reeds of the same strength and brand on the Ebolin, but I just don't feel the same control and fullness of sound. For example, when I jump from a mid-E to a low-E it squawks as the note comes out. My low notes sound harsh and forced, but my upper range sounds pretty sweet.

If this is the case, should I use harder reeds or softer reeds?

Also, I'm looking for insight on reed recommendations. A lot of people I know rave about Vandoren Javas (green), but my experience with Vandoren Traditionals is that they are very inconsistent. After doing online research, I learned that Rico Reserve is rated to be very consistent.
I'm aware that Reserves lean toward a more concert and classical sound and Javas are more jazzy. Though, I saw a Youtube video of a guy playing jazz with a Reserve (but a jazz mouthpiece).

Oh, and Brilhart Ebolin 4* considered to be jazzy?

So, what are your personal experience with Javas or Reserves? How do their reed strengths vary (are they harder than Vandorens or softer, etc)? How is the control?

I guess reed strength preference varies with player too, but I'm looking for control.

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I guess one question I have for the OP is why you felt the need to get another mpc in the first place? What are you hoping to get with this new mpc that you aren't getting on your Hite? It's likely a much more closed tip than your Hite, and I think your low register struggles might be due to this sudden change. That's not to say that this mpc isn't capable of a great low register, but the difference to you may feel drastic. Does it feel like you can't get as much air into the horn as you'd like? .077 is very small for a tenor opening.

Make sure to stay really relaxed and "release the reed" so it can vibrate at its maximum. All else being equal, a smaller tip generally wants harder reeds. I personally would use about a #4 on something like that, but in the end you'll have to experiment for yourself. It may simply be that the mpc isn't for you, but I always recommend lots of experimentation with reeds before coming to a conclusion about a mpc. Good luck
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