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Here is the number for Lucini bus lines. I think we should all call them and give them a wake up call.
(508) 697-2112
No point complaining to the bus company, the safety rules come from higher up than that.

My better half is a bus driver, she has a hell of a time trying to get the schools to deal with the discipline issues that she writes the kids up for. The rules are there posted, for all to see, and if it wasnt a packed bus then it wouldnt be an issue.

For what she's paid compared to the vice principals who are supposed to deal with it, its not worth her getting confrontational over, shes other things to deal with anyway, like driving the thing. Let the $100k+ gang deal with it, its what they a paid for.

Simple solution in this case, have a sax at home to practice on, and buy a beater horn or use a school one at school. I dont see the reason for the fuss.

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I am not sure what I would do if this were one of my kids. I remember playing my tenor a few times on the school bus at the request of the driver. Sitting in the back seat playing Christmas tunes during the holiday season. Times have changed.
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