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Look for opportunities to play with other musicians at or above your level. Join a community band or community college band or whatever type of group that plays music you enjoy. Hopefully you'll surround yourself with others that have the same passion and this will help keep you interested and practicing.
This is excellent advice. A community band can help keep fresh literature in front of you, and gives you a goal for how to improve. Some are free, others cost some money.

In addition, I would recommend picking up the Rubank Beginning or Intermediate Book (Blue Book) because you need to work on your methods (technique). Playing fun music (as in a community band) with not help you improve nearly as fast as playing fund music and working on methods simultaneously. The Rubank book will cost you less than $10. Just about any music store should be able to get it for you.

You will also find sitting in band that you will start picking up tips from the other saxes in your section.

Last note, please commit yourself to daily practice (or 4 times per week). Inconsistent practice will lead to very little reward and enjoyment.
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