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What mpc are you using with your YTS-82Z

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I recently switched to a 82Z tenor as my main gig horn simply because it plays so well and has the ability to cut through a Funk/R&B band when needed. I am finding that my mpc choice has changed over my Couf though. I'm currently using one of the two Mojo-modified Guardala LT Studios. On the Couf I preferred the one with a more compact sound while the Yamaha responds MUCH better to the more open Studio with the baffle lowered in the first 1/4". Even my RPC 115B seems to work better on the Yamaha over the Couf.

What is the rest of you 82Z tenor players using?
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I'm using a Ponzol M1 that was tweaked by Mojo. I can cover everthing from standards to R&B with the M1. Not exactly sure what Mojo did but he made a good MPC into a great one.
I have had a vintage levelaire, a dukoff D-8 and am now using a Jody Jazz classic #7 and Jody Jazz DV-7. the JJ's are the best sounding and responding mouthpieces i've ever played from the bottom to altissimo. My first experience with the DV was I couldn't believe the sound was me!! sounded like I just spent a year or two practicing 8 hours a day. the leap in tone quality was astounding.i'm just a couple of hours a week player so it made a huge impact on me.
I use a Ponzol ML 100 attached to a Ponzol neck. Really opens up the horn and gives me the sound I have been looking to create for many years.
I've been using a Runyon Quantum #10 in white delrin (plastic) with much success. It can whisper or peel paint as needed. Intonation is spot-on. Overall, I would call this set-up "flexible and edgy", but it works very well in our large praise band.
I have a Jody Jazz DV 7* I'm using with both my Silver Z and Ref. 36 tenors. Awesome for R&B, Funk, Fusion & Rock. I played a few at Scimonetti's before buying this one. For the most part, the pieces are very consistant and wonderfully made. I prefer it over my old Guardala Studio.
I just got a Yamaha Z tenor a week ago, and I've been playing a metal Berg Larsen on it, 110/2 SMS. Sounds great, real compact sound.
I use an Italian wooden mouthpiece called Pomarico (7*). Soft and crisp at the same time, projects like mad and soothes even the savagest of beats. :)
Everything I tried works great...depends on the sound you want. I just use my standby older Link and Barone Hollywood
I use a Ponzol M1 (110) for the traditional stuff and a Barone Contemporary when I need her to rip for the funk stuff.

I'm playing aa Ponzol M2+ S. Mostly Rock/R&B. I also pulled out a Runyon Quantum #11 that I haven't played in a couple of years the other day that plays real well. Not quite as smooth as the Ponzol, but a big sounding piece. I'd like to try, I know people will bash him if I say his name, a Sugal KWII. Anyone using that combination?
Also thinking about a Barone or Ponzol neck. Any experiences? It currently has the G1 neck.
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