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This has been answered already in a previous Brecker thread.

In #21 he's using a silver plated double ring with a Selmer 404 lig. For sure.

It's pretty easy to track down what he was using (except near the end when he would use a different setup on a couple tunes of a record) from the year. He pretty much played Links in really big tip openings until he had his throat problems, then he was on Dukoffs, and finally to Guardalas. I remember him saying that he used a really minty SBA that he got from Chris Potter (or Joe Lovano) with a Paraschos neck for some tunes on the Quindectet record. There's also other examples of where he's playing Links on newer records for the odd tune here and there. Phil Barone is one guy that knows which records/tunes he's playing Links. He always preferred to play Otto Links but after his throat surgeries he got pain when he played them. Man he was explosive.

But answering the first video's question - it's a Guardala or brass Dukoff Super Power Chamber. I couldn't tell exactly from what I saw.
And yeah from the clip it's definitely a Link I'm not sure about tip opening though.

Phil Barone got info from Brecker that he never liked playing a Link more open than a 6.
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