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Say when you transcribe by ear of a tune and find out there are actually not just one key that you can play the song in? what do you do then, do you select the key purely on how it sounds???
You can play any tune in any key, but I choose what gives the best range on the instrument. If I want to be playing the tune low down I wills elect a key that involves the lower range of the instrument. This would obviously vary depending whether I'm playing tenor, alto or whatever. But I most of all learn in the most common key/s for that tune.

Say when you are playing in a band and the keyboard guy says that this tune is in the key of 'Bb' or 'C' or 'Gb' etc etc as a tenor sax player what should you do to be sure that you are playing in the right key for the whole band??
Transpose up a whole tone (two semitones)

so in the above cases

Bb = C

C = D

Gb = Ab
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