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WHAT IS THIS, Percy Grainger Edition

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For me, the best experience in music is to hear something that completely upends your musical sensibility. I'm having one of those experiences right now listening to Percy Grainger's Random Round on saxophonist Ulrich Krieger's Cowell & Grainger: Works for Saxophone CD. When the tune first came on I thought perhaps there was some production problem with the CD, like they'd somehow dropped in the wrong tune into it. But no, it's right, yet... WHAT IS THIS???? And I mean that in the best way possible. Suggestions of minimalism, 60's psychedelic music, Paul Winter or Oregon, folk, and lots of other things I don't have the words to express, yet composed in 1912-14/49 which would seem to put it from 15 to 50 years ahead of its time depending on how you date the piece.

Is anyone else familiar with this work?? If so, please help me out here because I'm losing my mind.

There's a different, more voice-oriented, somewhat more constrained, but equally unusual version here:
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