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what is this keilwerth

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hello everyone

trying to find a tenor saxophone, went around to see a mate who was selling some vintage horns and i found one that grabbed my attention. he lent it to me to try out and i took it to a jam session last night and it screamed, was unreal, i never played a tenor sax before but it seamed notes just rolled out, everyone commented on my playing saying not to go back to alto again.

i believe the sax to be a keilwerth, the engraving on the bell has metro on the front wich i believe to be of a music shop, and on the back has a stamp 'JK the best in the world', model number 25771.

i was playing it with a lawton 7 metal mouthpiece wich i liked alot

i dont know much about the sax, is it wourth the money he is asking $1000. is it a student or professional model, commen or sought after.

any information or advice would be much appreciated

thankyou very much

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it plays great, not too good on the eyes.

would you know what model it was
my sax has rolled tone holes on it, looks like it is a new king model,
i think
thanks, sounds like the one

the boys in the other thread dont seam to rate it that high
would like to hear anyones praises or dislikes about these horns
Well, if it played well for you, and you liked it, what does it matter what others think? You have been told that is a fair price as long as the sax is in good shape, and you described it as "unreal". Go for it.
thankyou for the reply ian hart.

it seams that i can get caught up in trying to compare prices and different models of saxs when basically it comes down to the individual piece and 90% the ability of the player to produce good tone.
brasscane said:
In good shape that's a fair price.
And an even better price if you get that Lawton mouthpiece with it. It's like the Keilwerth saxophone and Lawton mouthpiece were just meant to be together.
i know what u mean jc bigler, it seamed that mouthpiece was made for that sax, was just playing it then.

are the lawton mouthpieces hard to come by?
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