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Also when considering what players are doing with their specific can often be surprising. When working with Mark Turner (not a reso player) I found that despite conventional assumptions, he plays a pretty punchy EB link. The setup and just the way he blows is so unique that one would assume it to be a dark piece. So in a lot of ways its a crap shoot to get to the sound you like, especially one in the same wheelhouse as your favorite player. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Sometimes a player will sound closer to another player on a different setup.
It's a lot easier to play dark on a bright mouthpiece than vice versa. A little harder reed or back off on the airstream.
Trying to play bright on a dark mouthpiece can take a lot of work and finding the one reed that will let you do it.
I've had Master, Four Star and a Reso chamber Links. They were all small tips and played ok. For soft gigs I prefer an old Soloist.
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