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What is "old style side Bb and C keys" on MK6 ?

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I was looking at this horn on Tenormadness, and it has this description :

"Beautiful example of horn from this vintage (early 60's). Still has the old style side Bb and C keys. It has been repadded not by us, but done very well..........................etc"

what is "old style side Bb and C keys" ? How different they are, comparing with "new style side Bb and C keys" :shock:

Here is the photo from tenormadness:
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The "newer" ones use a ball and socket connection to the arms that the key cups are mounted on. The older ones have a loop or eyelet connection.
The ball joint VI's side keys get VERY clicky with years of use. Oleg makes a wonderful adapter that converts the Ball Joint mechanism to the loop/eyelet mechanism.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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