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What Is It?: mystery object in 1920s tripler case

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Ever see one of these? What is it for?

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A friend found this in a tripler case containing a 1926 alto, '27 soprano and '24 clarinet - all Conns.

We think it might be a lyre adapter to fit a sax lyre onto a clarinet (the top end clamps to the bell and the lyre screws into the bottom end). The alto lyre was in the case with it.
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Another possibility...and maybe more likely yet!...a violin hanger for a music stand. Lots of fiddle players took up the reeds in the 20s-30s to make themselves more versatile.

The screw end would tighten onto the upright of your stand, the peghead would rest on the 2 curved flanges, and the bow might hang on the lower flange.

Here's a present day version.
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