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1) My recorded sound wasn't the sound I had in my head.
Can't answer that except to say maybe it isn't a great recording studio, but have no fear - despite what people say, often you can fix it in the mix - but good equipment, monitoring and mixing acoutsic are vital.
2) Pitch Pitch Pitch and More Pitch
This is by far the MOST frustrating part. I'm having difficulty hearing 'in-tune' in the studio. I always thought I played fairly in tune but maybe not. Put on the headphones and stick me in a booth and I seem to lose the center.
This is usually something we learn in the studio after a while. Never be scared to ask for the headphone balance you want. If you are too loud or too quite then pitching can be difficult. Often some more reverb or delay in headphones can be useful for pitching - headphones (by their very nature) are often too dry sounding.
3) Simple solos seem to sound best.
Yep. Right at the start of my recording career, I learnt a short sharp lesson from a producer. Luckily before I started the session he told me they'd had a few saxopone players in, and they were fine until it came to a solo when they all would just play fast jazz as if it was a competition , as oppos to making a record. So I knew right then and there where my bread was buttered and how I might have a half decent chance at making a career out of this. Even if it's a jazz recording, same has always applied to me - the fewer notes you play, the fewer bad ones will be recorded.
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