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What happened to the Olegature ligatures?

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Why have all Olegature ligatures disappeared from the market, apart from the 1S (clarinet) and 2G (alto) models? What happened to Olegature?? IMHO, these are the best ligatures ... now I can't find them anymore :( Have they gone out of business?
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I agree with you. On the right piece, they are unbeatable. You get the rock solid center of a traditional lig but with a more open sound like a rovner or winslow.
I've bought about 6 of them recently on ebay. for under $30 each. all different sizes.
I don't know, never having met the man, but I have met and talked extensively with Alan Markowitz who has done a fair amount of marketing for Oleg.

My take, and I emphasize MY take from observing what Alan was going through and from my own experience, is that Oleg is quite a talented instrument genius, and like many other genius's, he stumbles over the marketing and promotion of all his work.

I have one of his metal mouthpieces, three of his fabulous ErgoPlus neck straps, key risers, and yes Olegatures too, and more. They're all excellent products. But a great product without great marketing becomes history's also-ran. Sad.
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