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What grit stone to use for a reed knife?

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I just bought a very expensive reed knife and thought I may need to sharpen it before using it, at least according to some oboe websites I've visited.

Some sites like this suggest you need to have four stones. I was hoping to get away with using a two sided combination stone. But what grit do I use? How sharp are these knives supposed to be? I have some sharpening equipment already, the spyderco guided angle sharpening system with stones that is about the same as a 1200 grit japanese water stone and a 3000-4000 grit japanese water stone. Will that be fine enough for reed knives?
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Thanks Searjeantsax, but I'm starting to think my spyderco system may be okay to use.

I may be returning the reed knife, which is a double hollow ground philadelphia model, for a single bevel reed knife, which are considerably cheaper and easier to sharpen. I felt a bit pressured to buy something at the music store since I had the staff help me, and I didn't really know enough about reed knives at the moment. Anyone have a preference for single bevel or double hollow ground?
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