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What do you think about my gig here? Thx

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that`s some nice playing, a bit to screamy for me but you pull it off.
its always a good idea to consider the size of the venue to determine how loud you play. for a venue this small, and being a horn player with a fairly "soft" instrumentation (acoustic bass, piano, brushes on drums), i wouldnt necessarily play through a mic. but then again, if you use a mic, you dont really have to play as loud either.

i played with a group that plays in a venue about the same size as this. when i first joined them, i was a pretty loud player, and they told me to "tone it down a bit. everyone can hear you just fine." and i was playing without a mic. nice playing, but maybe a little too loud? thats just me though. :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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