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what causes that accidental 'vibrato' sound?

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Occasionally I get this kind of fog-horny type sound that sounds like a really bad vibrato...

What causes that?

I've tried to ask my teacher, he doesn't seem to understand what I'm talking about
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I thought overtones were higher? The sound I get is usually lower than the note I'm trying to play...

I've actually had a lot of problems with subconsciously and accidentally changing the octave I'm playing without the octave key... I don't know how or why I do it (only been playing 4 weeks but been gone for 2 of those lol). I just notice that sometimes I 'forget' to use my octave key but I got the melody in my head and I just copy it anyways and sometimes it takes me a while to realise i've forgotten to use the octave key again.

Either way I'll look up overtones and see what I can find.
Thanks tjaart! I think that's exactly the sound... it sounds like a boat motor sort of lol... and yes it happens a lot more in the lower range (especially coming from a much higher note to a lower note) but occasionally it'll happen above middle c and it's a wretched noise... now at least i know what it's called lol
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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