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what brand does extra small chamber?

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i'm currently using a berg larson sms 1, which plays fantastic, but i'm looking for the extreme towards brightness and edgeness, i heard that baffle does most of the job sound wise and chamber makes the sound to be focused or spread. So any suggestion for a alto piece with extra small chamber and extra low baffle?
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Rousseah jazz metal
I think you mean high baffle. The loudest and brightest alto mouthpiece I've played that was controllable was a Lamberson 6DD. The Beechler Bellite is pretty bright and loud but still quality. Morgan Excalibur E does the job without a high baffle.
Dukoff X chamber or Rico Royal Metallite.
try a ARB bellite this the brightest piece i've come across and the custom ones play brilliant
has anyone looked at the peter ponzel M2 mpc? it's damn expensive, but seems like it cuts through anything........
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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