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What are rivet pads?

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I am considering getting a martin handcraft soprano and it will need new pads. I read some things about rivet pads. What are they? And are there different kinds of thin pads? What kind of pads should I use? This is my first experience with vintage horns and any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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The earliest pads had a piece of thread sewn in the middle to hold the leather down on the felt. By the 1920s they used a metal rivet through the middle to firm up the pad. After than a metal washer (resonator) was under the rivet to boost sound. Next was a plastic domed resonator screwed or riveted from the underside. Martins came with rivet pads but most people replace with resonators either metal or plastic. There is a lot of debate on which to use (I use brown plastic domes). Whatever you use, get the thin ones as fat pads will never stay correct on a Martin.
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