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I have a DHModified tenor (made for Conn by Keilwerth, similar to Superba).

I got an Oleg neck that suits it well.
Blows brighter and more focused than the original neck.

Apparently there are two tenor neck offerings by Oleg, one for Selmer tenors, and one for Keilwerth tenors.

Another option would be an aftermarket Keilwerth SX tenor neck.
They pop up occasionally in the forum's marketplace. Kessler's used to sell them new.

You may have to get a tech to fit the neck tenon to your specific tenor.

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I tried a Barone, bronze Keilwerth, and a custom made Gloger. The Gloger was the best by far. In the end I ended up with another stock Couf neck that has worked the best. I've also heard of Selmer VII's working well too and maybe worth a try.

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I would think a Ponzol might. You would have to try.
I had a Couf Superba alto and my Ponzol alto neck fit.
I realize they aren't specifically the same thing, but like I said, "you can try".
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