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And chords aren't a type of pants? And a circle of fifths doesn't have rum?

If you're a noobie like me and have been confused by these terms and similar music theory jargon, have I got a book for you. I had posted before asking whether there was a book like "Music Theory for Dummies." Somebody finally posted something in another thread that was just about perfect. It's small (about 50 pages) and it's free. I've got a couple of the Abersold beginning jazz books, but somehow nobody told me about this one. Check it out. Seems perfect for late bloomers.


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The Lydian mode is from the manly Isle of Lydios. Not to be confused with the Isle of ******.
In the former isle the scale goes up. In the latter it goes down.

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Ah, Lydia.
She was the most glorious creature
Under the su-un.
Guiess. DuBarry. Garbo.
Rolled into one.

Lydia oh Lydia, say have you met Lydia,
Lydia, the Tattooed Lady.
She has eyes that folks adore so,
And a torso even more so.

Lydia oh Lydia, that encyclopidia,
Oh Lydia the Queen of Tattoo.
On her back is the Battle of Waterloo.
Beside it the wreck of the Hesperus, too.
And proudly above waves the Red, White, and Blue,
You can learn a lot from Lydia.
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