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I have my eye on a tenor with a very high serial number 370xxx Buffet-Crampon tenor and wondering if there is some kind of break point where they somehow "lost their mojo"?

Also, my only reference point is that I have a nice SDA alto that has great ergo and sound, except maybe some weakness in the upper end. So, can anyone tell me what to expect from a tenor that is NOT a SDA or S1?, or at least doesn;t seem to be one. I have a nice Pan Am and a Martin Indiana (just overhauled) as tenor references.

But, Im looking for that sweet spot. Pan Am is a bit too fat or dark or spread, Martin seem a bit "nervous" or edgy. Playing on a well modified OL Vintage with La Voz or Superial DC.

Any help or insight would be good. Did B-C make non-SDA/ S1 tenors in the early 90's?

Have a safe and happy New Year...!:eek:ccasion:

Bill T

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The Prestige Serie in (red) Copper was a high sought after Horn.

Buffet built the Prestige Models in red Copper, Prestige 2 and Prestige 3 in the late 80´ and i think so in the early 90`.
I have read that the Prestige 2 should be a intermediat Horn and the Prestige 3 a Pro Horn.
I never played them and can´t answer your Question.

Have only SDA and S1 Buffet´s in my Collection
The serial you wrote was a bit confuse.
I never saw such a high Serial at a Buffet who was built in France.
Could it be that this was a Taiwanese BC Horn?

All the best and go for the Tone!
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