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been looking for a new mouthpiece, had issue to play my JJ HR 7* in tune on my Barone, it played way too sharp.

My mind was set on a Ted Klum Resotone (HR). So I went to a store to try it and various other pieces. Alas the store was out of Resotone and only had a Focustone.

I tried the following mouthpieces against my JJ:

JJ New York 8*: I loved the tone but it was way too opened for what I am used to! (.105). I couldn't play any altissimo. The ring ligature worked better than I expected.

Ted Klum Focustone .105 I liked the tone, it was definitively richer than my JJ but it was a bit too bright. I would have really liked to try the Resotone. My teacher, who tried both, told me there was not that much difference between them... My lig (Marc Jean) had better response than the 2 screw that came with it.

After listening and reading Mr Neff review of the Ponzol M2 SS I was curious to try one. Way too bright and edgy for me :( It was a .110 and I clearly lacked breath support to get the best of it I think.

The salesman also had me try a Lebayle Jazz 6 which left me cold and out of breath! It was VERY free blowing, too much for me. I think it was freer blowing than the DV NY and the Ponzol M2!

When I bought my JJ HR I had tried a Link STM and well, it was not a very good experience... (I was only playing alto at the time and was only thinking of renting/buying a tenor) A year later and after playing tenor almost exclusively for the last few months I asked the salesman to bring me an STM 7 for sake of comparison....

I went home with the STM :mrgreen: After reading repeatedly how bad the STM quality control was I was under the impression it was impossible for a non-refaced STM to actually play nice or be a worthwhile buy. Boy was I wrong! I may have been lucky and gotten a good one (my non-expert eyes could not see anything wrong with it) or maybe I am simply unaware of its flaws or impending doom that will be upon me :D

In any case for now it plays WELL, much better than my JJ HR which has a skewed tip (the tip and the reed are NOT parallel!)

At this point for me this is the perfect mouthpiece. It is darker yet I am already able to shape its tone from dark to quite bright. It will allow me to develop the famous Link chop TM that everybody keep referring too. (I have no idea what that means :D)

Finally as a bonus: Wife is VERY happy that I ended up spending so few $$ on the piece.

Thanks for reading my ramblings :p
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