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Wensen and other inexpensive curved soprano

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I apologize if there is another thread re Wensens, I was unable to find one.

In any case, I am interested in hearing someone's evaluation of a Wensen curved soprano based on their own personal experience.

I have read that there are some good Chinese saxophones being made these days, but have been unable to determine if Wensen is one of them.

My objective is to purchase an inexpensive horn that can reasonably be played in tune that I can take on vacation with me to a foreign country and will not feel crushed if it is stolen or damaged.

Ideally I'd like to pay less than $500, but may end up going for an Antigua Winds for about $1k.

If you know of other inexpensive horns that are possibilities it would be helpful if you could tell me about your experience with them, identifying what the brand is.

TIA for your response.
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You could probably find one on Ebay that needs a little work, possibly for $350 or a little more. You could polish it, and then buy a repad for it. (Getting a repad costs around $200 or more), so really you are getting it for $600 or more.
I bought a Wensen curved soprano recently from ebay and ended up sending it back after 3 days. The horn was very nice looking with lots of engraving. The keywork and action felt smooth and nice. I had to re-glue a couple of corks but that's no big deal. The main problem was intonation. It was all over the place and I found it frustrating. In fact, my 10 year old Monique Pro Series soprano has much better intonation. CiaranAudio bought one of the straight Wensen sopranos and he really likes it. I would recommend buying a straight one before the curvy. As pretty as it looks, it's just too hard to play in tune.
OK.. I've just joined this group so that I may respond to this thread.

I Own A Wensen Curved Soprano Bronze Saxophone. It comes in the same (Identical) CASE as the Yanagisawa Curved Bronze Soprano comes in.

It has the very SAME left hand Pinky Paddle Cluster as my Straight Soprano Yanagisawa Model 900 has.

I don't know how it plays in a mixed setting because I haven't played it with any other instruments. Just at home. However, setting here holding both sopranos, I detect so little difference in manufacture details between either of these horns, I'm inclined to think that these were/are being made by the same Whom-ever that Yanagisawa was having theirs made by.

Yani no longer is offering their Bronz Curved Soparano as far as I could find (today).

All I know is that this little jewel is pretty much the coolest little horn I have ever held. Really well built & plays very evenly, soft loud what ever.

I love owning mine.


BTW: I own roughly 40 vintage horns, so I may have a slight "bend" toward the unique in horn design. This little soprano is a real pleasure to hold & play, That's enough for me.
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Yani no longer is offering their Bronz Curved Soparano as far as I could find (today).
for some reason...i doubt this....:?
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