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I've read good reviews of both Wells and Stowell-Wells-Schneider clarinet mouthpieces, and I play on an SWS B3. I happened to come across an eBay listing (not mine) that I thought added some interesting perspective to comparisons among the different possibilities.

Ebay link:

Here's the interesting text:
eBay listing of "roving bovine" said:
Item: Vintage Wells B2 Clarinet Mouthpiece
Vintage Wells B2 clarinet mouthpiece-plays GREAT!!! This mouthpiece was hand-selected by my clarinet teacher, Jerome Stowell (Chicago Symphony) in the late 1960's. It shows some signs of wear, but the facing is still in great shape. This mouthpiece, by the legendary Chicago maker, Frank Wells, is one of the greatest clarinet mouthpieces ever made. You owe it to yourself to see what it can do for your sound!
I guess I would have thought that Stowell (if it's the same person) would pick one of his own mouthpieces. Apparently not always.
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