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Hello. I wanted to remind everyone that I started a web design company last year. I have done sites for a few people here but am always looking for new clients. My goal is to provide low cost websites and hosting. Most businesses should be online in one way or another. Especially since traditional marketing tools, such as the printed yellow pages, are becoming less prevalent. If your business is listed on an online business directory it would make sense to have a website. Even if it is a simple, one page site that lists your hours, phone number and address.

I am also seeing that a lot of musicians are using DynaMod. While these sites are cool, they are all the same and they are based on flash. Flash sites are slick but are usually terrible with search engines and not supported by iPhone and iPad. I do not use flash for these reasons. If you are a musician and want a simple site I may be able to save you a bunch of money.

For more information about my company please visit Or, feel free to PM or email me through this site.


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