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Wayne Cochran's CC Riders Reunion Now! - Ft. Lauderdale

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Quite a few of us from the CC Riders are getting togother this weekend at the Ocean Manor Hotel on Ft Lauderdale beach. There will be jam sessions tonight (Thursday, July 19), Friday July 20, and Saturday July 21.

Come check it out. I think admission to the hotel nightclub is free. Some of us play a lot, and some of us haven't played much in years. I know we could use another bass player and another alto. R&B, jazz jam.

Friday and Saturday I'll probably bring my bass sax or Tubax.

Ocean Manor Hotel (954) 566-7500

My MYSPACE site:
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Damn! More notice next time!!! (Have a great time!)
More information for South Florida people who want to come: Manor Hotel&qc=Hotels & Motels

At the other reunions in the last few years, some of the people who showed up were former CC Riders Lee Thornberg from the tonight show band and Alan Sylvestri, top Hollywood film composer arranger. Also, we've had Ira Sullivan show up with his whole group, and representatives from the media such as Ed Bell from NPR.

We were also glad to see some former riders whose chops were way down but came to play anyway. You never know what might happen.
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