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Was I sent an alto mouthpiece?

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I recently ordered a Morgan Protone, which arrived today, and I noticed that it was much sharper than my Rousseau NC4, and the reed hangs off the end about a half centimeter. Is this normal for Morgans, or should I contact the store where I ordered it?
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I really don't know if it fits on an alto neck, but it's relatively tight on my tenor neck. Not so much that I have to struggle with it, though.
How long is the mouthpiece?
The Morgan is 10 cm, and my Rousseau is 10.6 cm.
Tenor MPC's are generally around 10 cm in length while an alto is around 9 cm. Sound like you've got a tenor MPC.
Yeah, just measured this SR Tech L85 (alto) I've got here at the office and it comes in at 8.25 cm.
My morgon protone tenor mouthpiece is 10cm long.
never mind
Oh come on Gary, how long is yours?

(Ignore that little voice of martysax, come to the light)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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