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Warping Reeds

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I bought a box of Rico reeds size 3 and almost everyone I touched warped the first or second time I used it. Some warped as soon as I put them into my mouth. I bought Two Rico 21/2 (my mouthpiece is really open) and one of them was the same while the other was okay. I've never seemed to have this problem before. Could this just be the reeds? Or me? Any help? :?
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Depends on what you mean by warping. Reeds usually warp, or bend a bit when first exposed to moisture, that's normal. You have to keep wetting it til the cane wood absorbs the moisture fully. You can also press down on the warped tip of the reed with your thumb against the flat part of your mouthpiece to help straighten it once it's all wet. Hope that helps you.
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