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Hello fellow saxophone teachers,

I am posting to warn you about a recent scam email being perpertrated on saxophone teachers listed in online databases (such as SaxQuest, TeachList). I have also posted this warning recently to the SaxQuest announcement board, and informed them and the managers of of the problem. I and other teachers listed have been contacted by a person supposedly seeking lessons for their children. The basic nature of the scam is they offer to pay you via certified cheque for more than the amount of your fee, as long as you will immediately forward the balance to a third party. Rest assured, the cheque will bounce, and you will be out the balance. THIS IS AN OLD SCAM, BUT IT HAS ONLY RECENTLY BEEN DIRECTED AT US. It is my hope we can stem the tide by exposing this now. If you have information that may be of aid to the authorities in this matter, I encourage you to contact them. Let's eliminate this kind of abuse from our community!

Greg Marks
Culture Of One Music Services
Below is the repeated text of the message (with the random names replaced).
Dear (your name),
i am looking for an experienced, friendly
teacher who can teach in saxophone playing, technical
work and basic theory as for beginners.I will need the
following questions to be sure that i get the best
learning environment for my children and also make
sure that the teacher is right for them..

1.Provide me with more details about yourself and
2.Cost of the programs(the tuition fees for 8 week
programs, 2 Hours teaching each Day five Times 2

I will arrange for the room and nearby your
location,guardian and visas to come down for the
program.Perhaps they're learning the saxophone because
they're going for international studies as a programs
in school that entails them to be able to know how to
playing saxophone and this will be an added advantage
to them if they could improve their saxophone playing
it would be better.At the beginning i will need you to
teach them in a creative environment, and aim to
provide a thorough technical grounding, and to
encourage full musical expression.I will want to know
if you are emphasize on this, then I can arrange for
the payment immedaitely.Please tell me what else do
you need to know.

Full details about the children below.......

2.Age - 16 & 17
4.Hobbies/Interests/Talents - Singing
5. Present Level – Beginners
6. Previous knowledge - schools
7. The rate their skills/abilities in the following
areas - fair
8. I will prefer small group courses
9.Begin - (month)

Awaiting your respond.Have a great day.

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If you are on aol you can report it to [email protected]

I got a few and am wondering where the heck its from.
Very annoying.
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