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Warburton Series A Plastic/Rubber

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Anybody played one on baritone? I looked closer and it is hard rubber with red marbling. I guess I'll be receiving one this week so I'll be able to offer an opinion
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#8/12 degree. According to their chart, #8 should be .120. I'm happy with the Level Air but was just curious, and I got a ridiculous price. If it can be a little more mellow yet have big lows and clear highs, I would be happy. I have two necks - 1 with a thick cork for the Level Air and 1 with a thinner cork for smaller bores, so I'm ready to try some pieces.:)
I like it because it looks like a wood mouthpiece. We'll see. I may have screwed up - I bought it from a middle man who then notifies Eric Falcon to drop-ship it to the buyer. I had heard a few things about Falcon but 10M fan uses him to finish his mouthpieces and has no problem with his shipping.
I'll let y'all know when/if I get it and if it was worth the trouble.
Well, that was pretty fast. Mouthpiece arrived today. Fortunately it fit on my spare neck with the thinner cork. Right off the bat I have to say this is a good mouthpiece. I don't have much of a selection of bari reeds because I've been using Fibracell and now Fibereed Hemp for a long time, so I didn't have the 'right' reed for it but it played on what I had available. I will be trying some other reeds another day when I have some time, but playing it was fun and addictive. With the reeds I play on the Level Air, it was too bright but it also had extreme clarity in the upper register. The right cane reed could work better for the tone and low register but maybe the 16 degree baffle is what's needed here. A Rovner 3ML ligature works on it. Its the tiniest bari piece I've ever seen, about an inch shorter than the Level Air but it plays in tune. Even so, the table is actually longer than the one on the Level Air.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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