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Warburton LA

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True or false: the Warburton LA has a long facing.

Here's why I ask - I tried one of these back in May. It was a 7 tip opening; I'm used to playing a 7* or 7**, (.105-.108) so I figured a .100 wouldn't be too different. However, it was whiny and thin-sounding for me, and the owner told me that it really preferred harder reeds. At the time I was using a mixture of Rico and Rico Royal, all 2.5.

I played with a few other things over the summer (Drake metal, Wanne Brahma, Sakshama Z), and recently found what I think will be my main piece for a while - an EB Link STM worked by Erik G. A couple weeks ago I landed a Warburton LA, this one an 8*, thinking the bigger tip will work better with my reeds (though I'm now using V16s, still 2.5). Interestingly, it sounds very similar to the Link though maybe a bit more focussed than the Link.

However - it seems to like the harder reeds in the box, while the Link prefers the medium and softer reeds.

I've been told that longer facings make a given reed easier to play and all of this makes me think that Eric Falcon is putting a long-ish facing on these mouthpieces. Can anyone verify this impression? I don't have the tools or brains to measure a facing, nor do I even own a tip-opening gauge at this point...
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The LA Tenor has a slightly longer facing than a traditional Link but not something that is out of proportion. The main reason it plays so easy is that much more of the reed is being activated due to the window size.
Guys, I'm not guessing when I said the facing is just a little longer than a standard Link. I designed the thing and make every single one. I know what they measure. The window is responsible for the feel. The design does allow a harder reed to be used.
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