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Warburton C or D series mouthpieces

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With my saxophone almost being finished, I'm starting to think about mouthpieces to try once I'm back playing.

I've not really been able to find much about Warburton mouthpieces other than their tenor jazz models.

Can anyone tell me their opinions on the C or D series alto models? I'm curious to try the C series, to see how they compare to Selmer S-80's. I've always been partial to horseahoe or round chamber pieces ( my first mouthpiece was a scroll shank Selmer, soloist style, followed by a Rousseau NC4, and then on to an original Soloist). I'm interested in seeing if the things I've disliked about S-80's were due to the square chamber or just the quality of the pieces themselves.

For $120, the C-series seems like it would be a great alternative to S-80's for students if they are considerably better.
I hear nothing but high praise for Eric Falcon's facing work.

I'm sure I will still go ahead and buy one of each to try and return if they do't blow me away. Mouthpieces are such a personal thing. But I was surprised to not see any mention of the C and D alto models anywhere. And wanted to crowd source some opinions any way :)

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