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Wanting to play Bass Sax.

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Im a Baritone Saxohpone player, I've played alto for a few years then decided to play Bari and have been playing that for a while. I want to play the Bass Saxophone. I really love playing the saxophone. I would like to know where I could find a very reasonable Bass Saxophone to buy. And any tips.

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Matt: Welcome to SOTW.

Do you want a used bass sax - or a new one? If new, I recently saw a new Taiwanese bass sax (by International Woodwinds) that was terrific. I did not play it, but the guy at the display booth (the NAMM Show in Anaheim last January) played one of the two for me - and it sounded wonderful. Just like the old vintage Bueschers/Conns of the 1920's.

Also, check out Epplesheim (sp?) who makes all sorts of bass saxophones.

Used? Check eBay, here on SOTW (even post a wanted notice in the FOR SALE section), and other routine vintage sax sources (like Gayle Fredenburgh's DAVE
The last time I looked Dave Hoskins at has a stencil bass sax for sale.
I am looking for either used or new, but at a reasonable price. If it is used it doesn't have to be the best looking, just works and no air leaks.
Thanks for the help.
What do you consider a "reasonable" price for a bass sax? This could be a tall order -- the bass sax is a tall horn!
The International Woodwind bass sax is on Sam Ash for $7500.
Under...8,000. Im not rich ,ha, I mean, the best price possible without it being a peice of junk, as long as it plays fine. Im happy.
yeah, I've been there to, I was considering that.
But im still looking around for maybe something cheaper
Shop around - should be able to find a used one in playing condition (not a beauty queen) between $4 and 6k is you shop hard enough.

Join the bass sax coop on yahoo as well - very helpful group there. That's where I found mine..
I've been looking around pretty hard.
The cheapest I've found was 5k, but.. the website sorta made me go "Eh.." you know?
Yeah - I understand. I've seen some go by on flea-bay for 4-5K that looked decent. But you never really know what you are getting. And they are so fragile that that thought of shipping one is not something I would consider-

Keep looking- It may take a while - you can save your pennies in the meantime.

It's not like you're looking for an alto....
I don't possibly think there is a reasonable price for a bass sax. But then again, I go spend all my money on reeds and music that I could I afford a bass sax?
Finding a bass is possible if you look hard. fixing it up is where the big costs are going to be. I paid nearly $5 for mine with shipping, then turned around and completely rebuilt it from the ground up. This wasn't cheap, another $3K and then there was the mpc search.

Cheap with bass sax is a relative term, making one into a working viable concern is where the big cost are because any short cut you take will come back to haunt later.
I saw a vintage silver Buescher, which looked in great shape, in Holland Europe at Harry Bakker's , they don't have it on the site and I can't remember the price , they ship to the states very often.....good luck!
yeah, im going to keep looking around.
Thanks for the help yall.
Hi. I suggest having the sax in your hands before you buy it, especially if you aren’t sure of the place your buying from. although it may mean a REALLY long car ride or even a plane flight, you should always be able to try it first and not have to worry about getting a bad horn (or even no horn) then no response from the seller. As everyone else said, keep looking and you will find one for a good price eventually, I know because I did:) . Good luck!
I've helt a bass sax. before, very nice instrument.
I'm still on the look out.
I have found a Bass Sax. for 3100.
It's made by a Chinese Company.
I emailed them and got a responce asking them about it,
The company is real and it is located in China or Hong Kong not sure.
Im sure it's not some super super great Bass Sax. but, it does seem fine.
Im sure the shipping will coast a pretty penny, but it seems like a nice sax, they sent me another pic of it.
The site does sorta make me hesitate, but I am going to email them back and ask them further questions and look into it.
here is the copy of the email for anyone who wants to see it, they where nice and asked about shipping ect.,:
Thank you for your kind email by

I am Jessica.My email is [email protected] .If I could serve you.I will be very glad.

To comply with your requirement.Enclosed you will find the picture about our bass sax.It is Bb key and made from brass with gold lacquer.High F #.Its price is USD3099/pc.(with a soft bag).The lead time is 20 days.You can rest assured of that our bass sax is excellent quality.

Regarding shipping.Does it need shipping by us(CFR) or shipping by yourself (FOB)?If by us,you should let us know the exact port you would like us to make the shipment to,so that we can calculate the freight.Thank you.

Hope that you are satisfied with our price and service.If something is unclear or you have any questions, pls don't hesitate to let me know.I will try my best to help you.Thank you Matt.

Your early reply will be very appreciated.Thank you again.

Have a happy day.

Best regards.
Tianjin YueYou International Trade Co.,Ltd.

just something to put out there for everyone.
I'm still looking into it.

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just a update on the Chinese Bass saxophone.
I have been talking to one of the people that works with the company that sells it. The website is not a scam or anything on it. The bass sax is $3000.
The lady sent me more pics of the saxophone and from what I can see/tell it is a nice sax, it's no Selmer or International Woodwinds Model, but it is supposta be a good sax. Shipping is around $168, and I am still looking into it, making sure it's nothing that will gip you, and I will keep yall posted.
If anyone wants to know anything or wants pics just ask. I will post them for you.

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