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I'm looking for a replacement for my dog's former chew toy, a tenor Runyon Quantum. (Yes, the puppy, now dog, is still alive and doesn't seem to be suffering from any permanent physical or mental injuries.)

I purchased my dog's chew toy thru SOTW a couple of summers ago. And the first time I played it...well it brought tears to my eyes. It must be the way my mouth is shaped but the Quantum just felt so damn comfortable. I simply could not believe how natural it was. That is from the perspective of a lateblooming weekend warrior.

My preference is an #8, but I would consider a 7 or 9 (heck, I'd consider 6 and higher). I still have a spoiler, Rovner ligature, and mpc cover so these items are not really required. The original chew toy was the plastic model. I certainly would consider metal this time around.

80% of what I play is blues oriented. "Rockish" material fills out the rest. Oh, and I gig with a bunch of similarly old-fartish guys. (Mostly for beers and cheers.)

I'm having a real struggle getting my mind to think "edgy and bright" when I play. I know the guys want more edge to my sound but I'm having a struggle keeping the mellower, subtone heavy tone I grew up loving at bay. My last Runyon did help me out with a brighter sound.

Failing this, is there another mpc that might be comparable to a Quantum, particular with regard to external shape? (metal or HR) :cool:

(Apologies for posting this in this section as well. I wasn't sure if Runyon users visited other sections of the forum.)
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